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Senatus Populusque Romanus


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston.

Take a virtual tour of the online Greek and Roman Art collection of the Metropolitan Museum, New York.
See selections from the Antiquities collection of the Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

Greek, Roman, and Etruscan treasures at the Louvre, Paris.

Roman sarcophagi and funerary monuments from museums around the world.

Greek Sculpture from Museums around the world (beautiful site!)

 Quick Time virtual reality tour of exhibits at Harvard's Sackler Museum

Augustus: Images of Power. A series of slides and descriptions of the Ara Pacis , the Mausoleum of Augustus, the eponymous mausoleum of Mausolus, and the statue knows as the Prima Porta Augustus.





The Michigan Classics page has lots of links to everywhere else.


Coins, and a walkthrough of Rome


Perseus has to ancient texts in both Greek and Latin (with translations), as well as links to dictionaries, grammar books, and thousands of slides of objects and sites from the ancient world.


Roman Coins of the Early Empire

 Jay's Roman History, Coins, and Technology

Ancient Roman and Greek Coins


The Classics Page at George Mason University (with lots of great links)

Link to a number of interesting sites world-wide.


Society and History



Ara Pacis


Diotima is an interesting cite devoted to women in antiquity


Vergil Home Page.


Pictures from Carthage


Click HERE for all of Suetonius.


Speaking of poetry, click here to read Tennyson's poem to Virgil.


Images of Roman architecture


Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas


William Shatner attempting to declaim Shakespeare can be found here.


Pretty pictures from Oregon


Gladiator: the Movie. May, 2000


Ovid at the University of Vermont.


Images of Roman Emperors


Interactive Maps of the Principate Period: Some animation showing trade routes and camp distributions on Roman borders.


Ovidii Metamorphosae Illustratae (photographs of a 1563 edition of the Metamorphoses, illustrated by Virgil Solis with a verse commentary by Johann Spreng. Also, links to Latin text and other intersting sites.


Roman Sculpture

Political Resources

Classics in Translation from MIT


Leptis Magna (Roman Baths, not always available.)


The Ancient History Sourcebook

Archeologists discover what is believed to be Ovid's home in Rome


Ara Pacis Lecture at Reed College

The Roman Army Page

A prose and poetry recital page (from Harvard)


Map of the Roman World with Ancient Names.


The Latin Library


Gladiators in Ancient Art










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